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Interested in Virtual Exhibitions?

Some online event platforms offer conference streaming, while others offer virtual convention centers that are hard to navigate. Eventfinity is designed to truly replicate the attendee and exhibitor experience found at live face-to-face events.

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Virtual Breakouts

Host your weekly meetings in a regularly scheduled virtual room, and enjoy all the features that vMeet has to offer, allowing for a truly interactive experience that mimics in-person meetings.

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Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast operates on top of Eventfinity’s existing scheduling tools, and allows up to 4 presenters at a time to broadcast their video feeds to viewers all over the world.

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Online Courses

Recreate the classroom experience, using vMeet's Stage View with up to 4 presenters at a time, and permissions controlled by the teacher to monitor activity and interactions for the duration of the class.

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Already have a platform that you use? No problem. Eventfinity allows you to include the link in your agenda item, which will redirect your attendees to the specified virtual meeting rooms.

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Virtual Events

Explore fully customized and branded event spaces virtually, allowing attendees to hop from booth to booth, as if at a physical event. Participants can access personalized agendas with direct links to specific broadcasts or breakout sessions they're invited to.

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Manage All Your Events Seamlessly with Eventfinity

Eventfinity is a multifunctional database that powers all the tools necessary for event organizers to create and customize their events, securely access attendee data through a proven registration system, and print uniquely coded credentials for access control and analytics.

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Before the event

During the event

After the event

A Proven Registration System
Custom Experiences
Reporting and Analytics
Eventfinity provides event organizers with a user-friendly dashboard where they can quickly and securely access attendee data, submit updated information, control the design and layout of badges, and secure perimeter with access control.

Dynamic Design

With several different homepage layouts to choose from, the look and feel of the app is flexible and dynamic resulting in high visibility for your brand. 

On-demand Badging

Best practices for speed and quality are a combination of pre-printed badge stock and dynamic content printed from our Eventfinity Badging Software. The badge stock is designed with full-bleed branding for your event with an area for the dynamic content to reside.

Robust Admin Portal

The admin panel provides event managers with the ability to modify and update attendee's content on the fly. Permission controls allow managers to make all app content public, or specify exactly what each attendee sees.

Access Control & Security

Eventfinity has developed Check-In and Access Control Active Lookup within our system.

Eventfinity will use Facial Recognition for sentiment analysis for Criminal Intent.  Our photo data is readily available on an API and can most likely be integrated with minimal effort.

Some notable events

ESPN X Games

EPSN X Games, held twice a year is the marquee event in Action Sports. The Eventfinity platform has been used to manage a wide variety of functions in support of their events. Starting as a tool focusing mainly on registration and credential production, it has evolved into a true event management system.

Attendee data is collected from customer groups including athletes, media, VIP attendees and staff, using a variety of proven data collection methods. With its very flexible reporting functionality, the collected data is used to manage housing and travel requests for approximately 1,500 staff. Accounts and permissions are set up for various client admins. Approvals and content are sent to the various groups via the flexible email messaging features built into Eventfinity.

At the venue, scanning stations are deployed throughout; staff catering, entrances to high-end hospitality locations and other sensitive areas. The easy to configure scanners are used to track access permissions, meal counts, catering guarantees, billbacks and general usage. All scan data is available in real time.

All credentials are designed and printed through the badging templating features built into Eventfinity. No third-party printing software is required. In addition, barcodes/QR codes on the credential are also utilized to track the distribution of equipment.
Event size - 3,526 attendees

Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Bloomberg Global Business Forum is an annual event organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charity founded by former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Eventfinity handled the registration, credentialing, and check-in for the event, as well as collected data for different groups including participants, staff, media, heads of state, production, and security. For attendees to register, a Magic Link was sent through an email that logged the participant into the system automatically, which allowed them to easily fill out and submit their information into the registration website. Staff members were given a public link that was sent out to anyone on the staff list to register, and all other data was imported by admin.

For a high profile event, security is of the utmost importance, so Eventfinity’s robust attendee management system played a key role in managing access control. Data from the registration website was used to create credentials that limited access to certain areas beyond check-in, depending on attendee type beyond check-in.

Post event, Eventfinity was able to provide data on registration, check-in and session attendance, which, in previous years, has proved to be useful in the planning of consequent events.
Participants checked-in - 387

MLB Food Fest

The MLB Food Fest is a two-day promotional event, hosted by Major League Baseball, and produced in conjunction with the event planning group MKG. Baseball fans and foodies are invited to purchase food tickets and sample ballpark classics from around the country. Eventfinity provided MLB with a check-in and ticketing system that moved attendees efficiently through the visitor experience, and captured revealing post-event data.

To check in, attendees could go to one of six iPad stations to scan their purchased ticket barcodes. During the most popular time slot of the entire weekend, 73 attendees were checked-in within five minutes. Once checked-in, fans received a color coded RFID wristband that controlled their food and drink credits. Attendees used these wristbands to easily trade their credits for iconic baseball delicacies, by simply scanning their wristbands at food stations.  

Eventfinity successfully provided a comprehensive system that could organize and manage a broad and diverse set of data. This system was able to quickly move large numbers of people through a two-step registration process, capture data on each of these people for future use, and accurately record the use of visitor credits as they moved through the space. They were able to supply the client with easy to use equipment and software and a reliable local network. Finally, post-event, the client was supplied with detailed data that would help drive improvements and modifications for future events.
Event size - 6,200 attendees (LA)

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